Merci Andrew !
Comme d'habitude, elles sont superbes !
On se revoit au hockey.

Les Photos sont Super belle !

Bonjour Andrew,
J'ai ramasser les photos ce matin et elles sont toutes super belles.
Merci et a la prochaine au hockey!!

Hi Andrew,

I just received new pictures in the mail. I noticed that the typo in the name of the team has been corrected.
I just wanted to thank you for reprinting those. I do appreciate your professionalism.


Lakeshore Soccer

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for the photos, received them today.
The pictures are BEAUTIFUL, and we THANK YOU for taking the time to come take pictures for our school.
Again, thank you, and see you next time.

Thanks so Much Andrew.  The pictures on you site are fabulous and so are the individual pics you took.
Everybody was really pleased. Talk to you soon...
Donna E.

Hi Andrew,
Thank you so much for everything,
I already took a look at the pictures, they are great.

Hi Andrew,

The pics look great!  Thanks for choosing Ahsennatie!.
I can't wait to put them up.
Paula B.

Hi Andrew,

I received the pictures last week. They look great
Dorval FSC

Thank you for the beautiful phots and the extra one.
Vanessa R.

What can I say. You were stalking my son that day. Those are great pictures.

Thank you,

Lasalle Football

Thanks Andrew, the photos are beautiful. Fantastic work.

By the way - received the FANTASTIC photo of Courtney.  I don't remember if
I thanked you, but if I didn't, thanks soooo much.  What a beautiful

The pictures are beautiful, by the way and will order shortly.

I am writing on behalf of Step By Step, I would like to say thank you for such beautiful pictures....

Hi there,  we are THRILLED with the photos. 
Frankly Paul looks great but all the other boys also and the quality of the photos is superb!
Thank you again.

Lakeshore Soccer

Thanks to you for helping out on this side I really really appreciate
it you where very accommodating all things considered , I guess that's
why your name always comes up in anything I am involved in in terms of
Good work and thanks!

Chateauguay LL Baseball


I want to thank you once again for including our team in the photos.
The parents were very happy with the end results so was I.
We will take them again next year!!

Have a great weekend!!

La Salle Sharks

Thank you so much.  The pictures you took of him were great.  I really appreciate.
Westpark Football


Bonjour Andrew!

Nous sommes passés prendre les photos, elles sont superbes merci!


Patrick L.


JETS de Châteauguay

Novice B


Hey Andrew,

I just wanted to let you know that each and every parent wore a smile from ear to ear yesterday @ the baseball banquet. They were sooooo pleased with your work.

Thank you & we'll be seeing you next season :)

Lasalle baseball

J’ai récupéré mes photos et je vous remercie, elle sont très belles, comme je m’y attendais.

Passez de Joyeuses Fêtes !


Manon L.


Hi there,


I received the photos today and gave them out tonight. Everyone loved them.


Thanks again!


Rhonda D.
Montreal West Royal Knights


Nous avons passé hier pour les ramasser. 


Elles sont superbes!!!





Thanks a lot.

By the way, everyone was really pleased with the quality of the photo’s.

Westpark Football


Hi Andrew,
I just wanted to thank you once again! I went through the pics and they are GREAT! I can't express just how pleased everyone is going to be tommorrow - you guaranteed 3 weeks and came through!  I'll be calling on you for next season too! :)

On a personnal note, thank you for all my pics and the mass amount of cards! You really didn't have to do that.  It is much appreciated.

Take care & great job!

Lasalle Baseball


Bonjour M.Clark,

Je suis passée ce matin chercher les photos de mon fils
et je veux juste vous dire qu'elles sont magnifiques.



Nancy B


By the way, I gave the pictures to the coach last week and he loved them.
The manager said she thought they were the best ones thus far!  So thanks again!


Lasalle Soccer


Je vous remercie pour tout ce que vous avez fait pour l'association
Hockey mineur de Mercier.

Linda M. (gérante et directrice des équipement CA)